Driving Range or Simulators? 

While it is an inexpensive way to get to know to the average distances of your clubs, range practice isn't a very accurate or a precise practice method. Generally range balls are designed to be durable & generally a lower compression than your game balls & the distance marker are generally set to mark every 50 yards & when your ball lands in between the markers... you're left to guess, even with the greatest eye sight, determining exact distances when your ball lands in a sea of other range balls isn't exactly a proven method. 


Benefits of Simulator Practice

We all know practice makes perfect yet we probably do not give enough time time to our swings especially our short game. Knowing why & how your golf swing changes shot direction is a key element in understanding the game. 

Using simulators you can see after every shot the following details about your shot using 100% golf balls!

  • Carry Distance & Total Distance

  • Swing & Ball Speeds

  • Club Path & impact Club Face angles

  • Smash Factor (how efficiently you struck the ball) 

  • Launch Angles

  • Detailed Printable Results

£15 - 1 hour

Un-limited balls in a single projection screen