Our simulators provide the latest indoor technology, two of which are '3-sided surround screen' simulators housed in their own private area, providing a great place for business & social networking opportunities.


Each 'single projection' screen has 50 golf courses including famous names such as Pebble Beach, Georgia & Wentworth but if you choose one of our two '3-sided surround screens' you’ll have the option of playing 196 courses from around the world!

"If you watch a game it's fun, if you play it, it's recreation. If you work at
it, it's golf!"

Our simulators provide enhanced 3 dimensional camera technology.  The 'single projection screens' have one high speed camera, and our '3-sided surround screens' have two cameras working simultaneously at separate 90 degree angles to create the world’s most accurate 3 dimensional ball flight model. 


Each high speed camera utilises high quality CMOS sensors which process 100 frames per second at 50Hz or 120 frames per second at 60Hz. 


The powerful lens produces a wide telephoto view angle that tracks the golf ball capturing multiple images during swing, point of impact and for 3m during flight towards the screen.

Now for the technical bit


We have 5 simulators for general hire & a specialist coaching & custom club fitting bay

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