Individual Golf Lessons

Our PGA Golf Professional offer lessons using state of the art software technology and slow motion video cameras that provide swing analysis feedback during your lesson, giving accurate visual feedback for both the pupil & coach. 

1 Hour lesson - £52

3 x 1 hour lesson package - £144

6 x 1 hour lesson package - £276


30 minute lessons - £31

3 x 30 minute lessons £84

6 x 30 minute lessons £162

"The most important shot in golf is the next one”.  Ben Hogan
Video Analysis

for the avid golfer


We offer lessons using state of the art slow motion video technology to allow you to see your swing 'life size' on our 5m coaching simulator screen! 


Following all 1-hour lessons, we will produce detailed feedback notes which will be emailed to you together with your video so that you can build up your own video diary. The slow motion cameras enable your Coach to identify any slight movements which can make such a difference when you’re swinging a club at speed!

Lessons for Beginners:

When starting to play, it is always a good idea to have a lesson as trying to unravel ‘bad habits’ can take time!  Our ‘muscle memory’ plays a huge part in the golf swing and it’s easier to start it down the right path at the beginning than change direction along the way!


We would normally suggest booking your first lesson as a 30 minute session if you are new to the game and if you enjoy it, you can take advantage of our 3 x 30 minute lessons for £84.  We provide all of the equipment and although we will still use the video analysis software, we will use it more as a tool to let you see your swing on video rather than as an in-depth swing analysis system so a nice relaxed introduction to the game of golf!